Calculate Your Savings when Selling

Our work helps deliver the larges proceeds checks possible to sellers at closing.  We do this in the way we 1) list your property for sale, 2) strategically write contracts, 3) expertly negotiate throughout the transaction, and 4) charge for our services.

Below is a calculator to help you calculate, how much our services will save you when hiring us to sell your residence using our Traditional Full-Service Seller Representation option (where we do all the work and you sit back and relax).  You can calculate your savings by entering your estimated Listing Price of your residence on the top line in the calculator below.  If you are not sure what the listing price for you home may be, follow this link to Chase's Home Value Estimator.  

Traditional Full Service Seller Representation

Enter Listing Price of Your Residence Here
Estimate of Total Traditional Commissions*$24,000
Estimated Fee Paid to Buyer Agent$3,500
MBG Estimated Fee for Service**$3,500
Estimated Savings to You***$17,000

Want to do some of the work yourself and save even more?  See DIY Sellers Save Even More!

Save Thousands using our Commission FREE Real Estate Services

  • Buyers can receive cash back, tax-free rebates, after closing
  • Sellers can receive the largest proceeds check possible at closing
  • Investors can accelerate net worth growth year after year