Save Thousands when Buying Rental Property

Our goal:
  To help you purchase high ROI rental properties, for the least amount of money, in the shortest period of time, under the most favorable conditions for you, while limiting your legal liability now and into the future and reducing the stress some Buyers experience along the way.  

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Calculate Your Actual Savings

To calculate your estimated savings, when you use our Traditional Full-Service Investor Buyer Representation option- a pre-bundled service that meets the needs of investor buyers that want us to do all the work while they make all the decisions, enter your estimated Purchase Price of your rental property on the top line in the calculator below. 


Returning Your Savings To You! 

Investor Buyers that hire us using our Traditional Full-Service Investor Buyer Representation, have many options for how they can receive the benefit of their savings. A few of the most common are: 

  • receiving a TAX FREE, CASH rebate check, for 100% of the net commissions we receive from the listing agency- after closing

  • shift some of the savings back into the deal when surprises arise and the deal starts to crash (see the section below: Our Investor Buyer Strategies Get Crashing Deals Closed!)

  • reduce the sales price by the estimated savings- thus lowering monthly payment, taxes, and closing costs

  • use some of the savings and put it towards closing costs (as allowed by lender) with the balance of savings returned to you after closing

At our first meeting, we will work with you to develop a savings strategy plan with you so that you may get the most benefit from your savings for your situation.  And, when things change, you can instantly shift and change your strategy at a moment's notice.   


Want to do some of the work yourself?  Learn more at: DIY Investor Buyers Save Even More!


Want to sell a property out of your investment portfolio?  


Our 20 years of experience makes us THE experts in income producing property in the Pittsburgh and Western PA region, that can help you sell your residential rental properties for top dollar.  




Next Steps to Saving Thousands!

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  • get all your questions answered about Our eal Estate Services

  • discuss your situation, vision for the future, your process goals, wants and needs, and the timeline for moving forward

  • schedule a private consultation with one of our professional and trusted Partners

  • view answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

  • attend one of our FREE local educational presentations and receive a $500 Retainer Fee Waiver!


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Save Thousands using our Commission FREE Real Estate Services

  • Buyers can receive cash back, tax-free rebates, after closing
  • Sellers can receive the largest proceeds check possible at closing
  • Investors can accelerate net worth growth year after year