Save Thousands when Selling Rental Property 

Believing that you must give away an unreasonable percentage of the equity in your real estate holdings for commissions, when selling income producing rental property, will have you putting thousands and thousands of dollars into a Realtors® pocket instead of your own- where it belongs.  

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How Much Can I Save?

To calculate your estimated savings, when you use our Traditional Full-Service Investor Seller Representation option-
a pre-bundled service that meets the needs of investor sellers that want us to do all the work while they make all the decisions, enter your estimated Listing Price of your rental property on the top line in the calculator below.



Want to do some of the work yourself?  Learn more at:
 DIY Investor Sellers Save Even More!



Looking to purchase a high ROI income producing property to your portfolio?


Great!  Our 20 years of experience has made us THE go to firm for investors who want to grow their investment portfolio with high ROI and positive cash flow residential rental income producing properties in the Pittsburgh and Western PA region. 

Whether your investment criteria are focused on buying rental properties that generate positive cash flows, that provide tax sheltering benefits, or both, our research and analysis tools helps our investor clients find and buy the right property to strengthen their current investment portfolio. 


Next Steps to Saving Thousands!

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Save Thousands using our Commission FREE Real Estate Services

  • Buyers can receive cash back, tax-free rebates, after closing
  • Sellers can receive the largest proceeds check possible at closing
  • Investors can accelerate net worth growth year after year