REIA Report Seller

A REIA Report Seller is a comprehensive analysis which reports the financial performance of a specific property owned by a seller. The customized analysis is conducted using verified income and expense data for the property, conservative industry standards, and common investor buying criteria.


A few Benefits of a REIA Report Seller

  • Reports the total value the property delivers to an investor buyer 
  • Helps buyer and lender to make quick decisions
  • Buyer can use report to secure highest level of lending
  • Provides support for list price and holding off "low-ball" offers
  • Helps limit legal liability of investor and lender, now and into the future  
  • Helps with the creation of a sales strategy that will return the most money in the shortest period of time.   
  • Provides an "at-arms-length," third party analysis of the property- which is accepted by seller, buyer and their lender (sellers typically don't believe buyers reports and visa versa).

Another BIG Benefit:  
All REIA Reports come with a FREE 30 Minute Strategic Review with Max Wilson. Although every REIA Report was designed to be easy to understand and use, there are many investors that are not always sure what all the numbers mean and how they impact buying, holding, and exit strategies. This review was created at the request of investors to help them get the most use out of the report and is driven by questions that the buyer or seller of the report has about the property, the numbers, what they mean, what are the most important numbers to look at (for them), and how to use the report to their advantage.   

Additional Options: The option listed below cost an additional $50 with purchase of REIA Report Seller
  • A REIA Report Executive Summary- a separate five page summary that was requested by and designed to meet the need of sellers and their real estate agents looking for a comprehensive marketing piece that they could provide to potential investors with a report that would provide those investors will all the information they need to make quick decisions and reasonable offers. When used in marketing the property, sellers and real estate agents alike report attracting a higher level of buyer and that the report tends to hold off “low ball offers.

How much does a REIA Report Seller cost?

REIA Report Seller
 starts at $250 for a single family residence, $300 for 2-4 units in one building, $400 for 5-10 units in one building, and $500 for 11-20 units in one building.  As there are many configurations of multi-family residential properties, the cost for each report is dependent on number of buildings, number of units, supplemental reports added (short versions for banks and for-sale-by-owner negotiations), and the format you want to receive those reports in. Please call Max Business Group at 412-552-9811 with your properties configuration.  


Have questions about REIA Report Seller Analysis? 

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