REIA Report Best Buys List


Users of the REIA Report Best Buys List, report an increase in their equity growth between 200%-400% with an 80% reduction in the amount of time to purchase, versus the other methods they were using to find an buy income producing property!


A REIA Report Best Buys List is a unique solution for serious investors looking to purchase the highest financially performing properties in the any area. Local multi-list and other available data from investors, or their agents, all over the country can and have sent data for analysis. If looking to invest in the Pittsburgh PA metropolitan area, we have a majority of third part data we need to start the analysis.

Please note that his report, by it's function, is extremely strategic and was specifically designed to identify properties, that have the greatest potential, to provide to the investor the type and level of returns required for investment. It was also designed so that investors could look at the potential of ALL properties in a given area- just not one or two- thus increasing their probability of purchasing the "best" property currently for sale. 

However, since the data used in analysis comes from a third-part source (owners and their agents), and it has not been verified first-hand at the time of this analysis, the data is NOT accurate enough to make buying decisions- but enough for identifying properties that are of most interest for further exploration. Once a property has been found, and accurate and comprehensive first-hand data has been collected, a
REIA Report Investor analysis would be the report on which sound investment and funding decisions could be made.  



A few Benefits of a REIA Report Best Buys List


  • Customized for individual needs of each investor subscriber
  • Updated reports are provided within the first week of every other month
  • Reports the financial performance of all the properties in a selected area into one report
  • Only the "best" properties get on the list based on the investors ROI buying criteria
  • Depending on format requested, data can be sorted by any reported factor
  • Allows for the critical "constant comparison" of one property against all other properties
  • Lists properties independent of property "type"
  • Follows the money (shows where smaller properties can out perform even the largest properties
  • Provides an easy to use structure for making decisions about future acquisitions or exchanges
  • Financial factors in report allow investor to compare real estate performance of properties available for purchase against current holdings
  • Financial factors in report allows investor to compare real estate performance to other asset class holdings (real estate,
  • commodities, stocks, bonds, securities, money markets, CD's, etc).
  • Saves time by "looking" at only the "best" properties and eliminating guess work on the front end of the process
  • Provides an overview of the marketplace competition when selling
  • Comes with a 30 minute strategic review with Max to make you get the most out of the report.

How much does a REIA Report Best Buys List Subscription cost?

The cost of a REIA Report Best Buys List Subscription is $6,000 per year.  At time of subscription, Max will work with you to understand the areas in which you have interest in, types of properties of interest, and how you want the data cut for easy analysis.  You will receive a copy of the report every month in an Excel format- so that you can sort the data to those ROI factors that drive your investment decisions.  Once the scope of your search is understood, a search for the number of properties in your selected areas will be provided BEFORE you enter into a subscription.  If there are not enough properties in your selected area or property type for you to benefit from enter into a subscription, Max will let you know his thoughts on the matter and discuss an alternative process that could be used to help you find and buy high ROI properties that meet or exceed your investment criteria and goals.  






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