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PITTSBURGH, PA –  The Max Business Group Real Estate Services (MBG) has announced the launch of Our Real Estate Services, the first hourly-fee-for-service model and delivery system of its kind in the country.  The new model deconstructs the real estate process, allowing consumers to select high-quality, customized solutions, at the lowest cost.  Clients can select only the real estate services they want by choosing from an `a la carte menu of 30 activities, that need to be completed, to get real estate bought and sold.  How many activities clients pick will depend on what activities they want MBG to complete for them, and what activities they may want to do themselves, if anything at all.  At the end of each month, the client receives a monthly itemized invoice of the completed activities.  At closing, sellers realize their savings in higher net proceeds checks while buyers receive rebates equal to 100% net of all commissions received from the seller’s listing agency, as cash after closing.   MBG’s new model saves consumers thousands in every transaction by providing them an alternative to the 100-year-old tradition of being forced into paying indefensible commissions, based on a percentage of the home’s sales price, no matter how much or how little work was actually done. 

“I never set out to disrupt the real estate industry,” says Max Wilson, owner and Broker of MBG. “I just redesigned a badly broken system to do one highly ethical thing-to create a real estate firm where clients have choices, people come first, and everyone, and their properties, are treated equally.  I believe that sellers and buyers of higher-priced properties should not be financially punished because of the sales price of the home.  It takes the same 30 activities to close on a $100,000 property as a $1,000,000 property.  Charging people different prices for the same work is price discrimination.”  

When it comes to commission-based models, Wilson says, “Most people don’t know that it is the buyer, NOT the seller, who really pays all the commissions in a transaction through higher purchase prices.”  Buyers, in the Pittsburgh metro area in 2016, paid agent commissions of over $260 million to purchase 19,000 properties, with an average commission of about $13,984 per property.  Using MBG’s Commission-FREE Real Estate Services, buyers could have saved about half that, or nearly $7,000 in commissions per transaction.   When sellers pay agents a commission, based on a percent-of-sales-price, those high commissions can push the price of many homes beyond a buyer’s purchasing power, which can lead to fewer buyers, longer selling times, and lower selling prices.  MBG’s Commission-FREE Real Estate Services help keep all homes available for a larger group of buyers, while keeping thousands in wasted commissions in the pocket of buyers and sellers, where they belong.  MBG’s Commission-FREE Real Estate Services are poised to turn the Pittsburgh real estate market upside down, making it nearly impossible for every other real estate firm that charges commissions based on a percent of the sales price, to compete. 

“It’s not easy being a visionary,” Wilson says laughingly.  “At times, I feel like David taking on Goliath (the business as usual real estate industry), but in the end, I know the story will end the same-Goliath never had a chance!  It’s not about doing what is easy, it’s about doing what is right, even when everyone is calling what you are doing crazy.  I just may be a little crazy, to think I can single-handedly change the entire real estate industry with my client-centric model, but I am passionate in my commitment to serve, and I find support in the words of the late Steve Jobs who said, ‘The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.’”



Wilson is available for interviews to explain the details of his company’s innovative approach to real estate.  Please view additional fact sheets below or view them at: MBG Press Release October 2017.

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Max Business Group Real Estate Services Fact Sheet


●     The United States Department of Justice reports that “Consumers who want to perform some of the steps involved in selling or buying of a home can reap significant financial savings by purchasing only those real estate brokerage services they actually want.


●   The Max Business Group is a change management, business strategy, training and consulting firm, that expanded their work into the real estate industry in 2006 with the opening of their newest division, the Max Business Group Real Estate Services.

●     The Max Business Group Real Estate Services employs an elite team of experienced and trusted real estate salespersons and associate brokers, real estate strategists, and real estate negotiators, all licensed by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and in good standing with the State Real Estate Commission-Pennsylvania Department of State.

●     The Max Business Group takes a “business approach to the business of real estate.”  Business is in their name.      


For more information about MBG, Real Estate Services, or to get your questions answered, contact: 

Max Business Group Real Estate Services

412-552-9811, or visit the firm's website at



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