Documents to Buy Rental Property

Below is a list of documents that will be reviewed during our first meeting.  We provide them here, in pdf downloadable format (that you can print out after downloading) for your early review, to help you develop the questions you need answers to before moving forward with our services.  You may mark the documents up anyway you wish.



PA State Required Disclosure forms: 
    1.  PA Consumer Notice
    2.  HUD: For your Protection Get a Home Inspection
    3.  HUD: Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Pamphlet  


MBG Employment and Service Contracts:  
    1.  PA Buyer's Agency Contract  
    2.  MBG Real Estate Service Agreement: Buy Non-Owner Occupied Rental Property (provided to potential clients at first meeting)
    3.  MBG Investor Buyer `A La Carte Menu of Services and Savings Calculator (provided to potential clients at first meeting) 
    4.  Single Agency Addendum to Business Relationship and Listing Contracts
    5.  Include MBG Investor Buyer Transactional Licensee Contract (include when selecting Buy-it-Myself or Customized Bundle of Investor Buyer Services) 
    6.  Link to: $500 Retainer Waiver for Emergency First Responders 

Contract Required Documents:  
    1.  Buyer's Estimated Cost Sheet  
    2.  Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate 

Miscellaneous Documents:
    1.  ASHI Inspector List
    2.  Tax and Zoning Verification Form 




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