How Much Will My Residence Sell For?

Do you know how much will your home sell for?  Find out now using Chase's Home Value Estimator, then enter that sales price into our savings calculator below to see how much our  Real Estate Services will save you over firms that charge a percent of the sales prices as commission for their services.



WARNING:  The biggest challenges in using instant home estimates comes when sellers, buyers, or their agents believe that the value or price estimate IS the value of the property.  Instant valuations are highly inaccurate (seen estimate of $200K under our CMA listing price on a $525K home) and should only be used when "guessing" a value- not proving one. 

When unrealistically high estimates are provided, seller expectations will follow- making it difficult to list the property right the first time, and sell it quickly.  When ridiculously low estimates are provided- buyers will rely on those values when placing an offer, or an agent might go ahead and list it at that price- getting them a very quick commission- I mean sale. 

Pricing inaccuracy is the reason lenders can't use instant valuations to approve lending- AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.  

THE two questions that you will want answers to before you list your home for sale:  


      Q1: When will my residence sell?

        A:  When the property will sell is based on average DOM for properties like yours in your area, the sales and savings strategies developed to get your home sold for top dollar, and the management of contractual issues that need to be addressed by buyer or seller.   


      Q2: How much will I receive at the closing table for my residence?

That will depend on a lot of variables and we won't know what those are until we start to build the sales strategy for your property.  But we can say, that paying a fair hourly fee for activities completed versus paying a percent of the sales price for commissions, can increase the size of your check by thousands and thousands of dollars.  


Listing your home for the right price- the first time!

Before listing your property, a comprehensive comparable market analysis (CMA) that uses the exact same search criteria for active and sold properties that the buyers appraiser will use when completing a valuation for your property.   

Your CMA should report statistics (proof) of the potential sales price for your home based on a list of current like sales, the number of days each of those homes were on the market before being sold, the average ratio of list price to sales price, and properties that are like your and currently active on the marketplace for sale (competition). 

In addition to the CMA, an accurate and conservative Seller's Cost Estimate Sheet- which estimates the amount of money you will walk away with at the closing table if your residence sells at a particular price, should be provided!  THE BOTTOM LINE ON THIS SELLER'S COST ESTIMATE SHEET IS THE NUMBER YOU SHOULD USE WHEN MAKING HIRING DECISIONS. 

Please know that because an accurate and usable comparative market analysis and Seller's Cost Estimate Sheet, takes multiple trips to your residence, then a substantial amount of time and knowledge to complete, at MBG, we only invest the time, knowledge, and energy, needed to compile, create, present, and use such market analysis for sellers and buyers who have chosen to work with us by contract.  

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Use the calculator below to calculate your savings using our Traditional Full-Service Seller Representation. See all our service options and their savings calculators at Saving Sellers Thousands!


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