Representing Only You: Single Client Representation



At Max Business Group... we work with all parties in every transaction at highest level of ethical practice but work only for you- and we back up that promise in writing with our MBG's Single Client Service Addendum (download).    

Whether buying or selling real estate in Pennsylvania it is important for you to know that you have five choices in the ways you can hire a licensed real estate professional to help you- if you chose to. Your options for hiring a real estate agent in PA are described in the PA Consumer Notice (download).  

Below, we have listed the four agency relationships we will enter into when you hire one of our Partners to help you in your real estate activities.  We have also listed one agency relationship, that we believe, is open to so much unethical practice and potential damage to both buyers and sellers, we prohibit our Partners from entering into this type of agency relationship with our clients.  

We also provide a variety of services that are outside the practice of real estate (i.e., providing investor financial analysis reports, coaching, training, etc.).  For those services, agency relationships may not apply.  The goal and duties of the real estate agent for each of those options are summarized below. 

The Relationships MBG's Partners DO ENGAGE IN with Buyers, Sellers, and Investors 

  • Seller Agency- Agent has duty to get you the most money for your property in the shortest period of time under the most favorable conditions

  • Buyer Agency- Agent has the duty to get you the most property for the least amount of money under the most favorable conditions

  • Transaction Licenses- Agent provides only communication or document preparation services- Does NOT represent Buyer or Seller. Our services only include document preparation services. We do not communicate between buyers and sellers. 

  • Designated Agency- Where the broker of the firm oversees two licensees within the company, one to act exclusively as the seller/landlord agent, and some other licensee, to act exclusively as the buyer/tenant agent in the transaction.  This supports our ethical practice of "single client representation" a the agent/Partner level.    

The Relationship that MBG Partners DO NOT ENGAGE IN with Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.

  • Dual Agency- One agent represents both parties (by written agreement) and is required to meet both Seller and Buyer Agency goals.  Example:  Where a the listing agent of a property, also represents the buyer of that same property in a single transaction. 

Please know that because of our high standards of ethical practice, from years of experience, research, and studies of court case outcomes, we believe entering into dual agency at the agent level, is never conducted in the best interest of either client.  The ONLY reason any firm would allow their agents to engage in such practice is to receive ALL (double) the commissions from both the buyer and seller in the deal.  



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