7 Major Reasons Buyer Deals Crash and Some of Our Strategies for Getting Them Closed!  

When a deal crashes, the buyer and seller, come away from the experience frustrated, apprehensive and guarded to enter another deal any time soon.  No matter what the reason, the cause for the crash always comes down to one thing- the lack of money by one or both parties to make the deal work!  The good news is that, for buyers that use our unique Services, we can quickly make changes to your savings strategy- shifting certain amounts of your savings back into the deal to keep it from crashing- and getting you your dream home! 

Below we have listed some common situations that cause deals to crash when using other real estate agents to help you buy a home and some of our strategies for making sure the challenge doesn’t crash your deal.  Please clink on any of the crashing deal scenarios to view some of the strategies we might use to overcome the situation and keep the deal from crashing.  


    1. The #1 Cause of Crashed Deals: The use of inexperienced and or incompetent real estate agents.
    2. The Buyer needs to sell their current home to purchase their new dream home.
    3. The Buyer ran out of money for closing costs, down payment, and after purchase repairs.
    4. The Buyer's home inspection identified issues that the seller refuses to fix- even when required by the lender.
    5. The Buyer gets into a bidding war with other buyers.
    6. The Buyer gets rejected for their mortgage during final underwriting.
    7. The Buyer is buying a property in Short Sale Status.


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