Below is a collection of frequently asked questions about our Commission FREE Services and those that people have when looking to sell or buy a home, condo, or townhouse.  If you have a question or two, that is not listed here, feel free to call Max at 724-452-4297 or email him at MaxWilson@MaxBusinessGroup.com to submit your question and receive an honest answer.

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A. General

1. Are all your services Commission FREE?
2. How different are your services from those offered by a "Traditional" Agent?
3. How do you get paid?
4. What do you charge for your services and how much can I save?
5. Why do you charge a $500 retainer fee? a
5a. Can the $500 retainer fee be waived? Yes!
6. Can I hire you to only do what I need you to do for me?
7. What happens to the commissions that you would typically get paid from other firms?
8. Why do other agents charge a percent of the sales price to represent me?
9. Knowing that some agents are more experienced and trained than others, why do agents all charge the same commission?

B: Savings & Rebates

1. What do you mean- rebate?
2. I come from a state where a few progressive companies provide rebates back to their clients. Is that legal in PA?
3. Are Real Estate Rebates Taxable?
4. Does a rebate received after closing go on my Closing Disclosure (formerly known as a HUD-1)?

C. Sellers

1. Who is really paying the agent’s commission?
2. If my home sells in three days, do I still owe a full commission?
3. What are my savings when my listed home sells and how do I receive those savings?
4. I prefer to go-it-alone and do all the work myself. I don’t need a broker but could really use the rebate. What can I do?
5. I’m looking to sell my home. Can I get a rebate in the sale of my home?
6. If you list my home, will other agents bring qualified buyers to view my home?
7. Do I Need to Use the Listing Agent that the Seller Hired to List their Property?
8. Will you conduct a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for me so I can find out the value of my home?
9. Selling a $100,000 home takes the same amount of work as an $1,000,000 home. So exactly what are agents doing to earn the $54,000 difference in commissions?

D. Buyers

1. Who really pays the agent’s commission?
2. What are my savings when I buy my dream home? and How do I receive those savings?
3. I have already found my dream home on my own, can you still help me save thousands on the purchase of the home?
4. The home I’m interested in is listed through another broker. Will they work with you?
5. Can you show me houses across different counties in Western PA?
6. I am not in the Pittsburgh area, but want to buy in Pennsylvania. Can you represent me and get me a rebate?

Save Thousands using our Commission FREE Real Estate Services

  • Buyers can receive cash back, tax-free rebates, after closing
  • Sellers can receive the largest proceeds check possible at closing
  • Investors can accelerate net worth growth year after year