Sell Rental Property for Top Dollar

Our goal:
 To sell your rental property for the most money, in the shortest period of time, under the most favorable conditions for you, while limiting your legal liability now and into the future and reducing the stress some investors experience along the way.  


Why Commission Free Real Estate Services?


We believe, charging sellers a commission, based on a percent of the sales price of their property, is highly unethical, unfair, and an act of “price discrimination,” as it takes the same process, contracts, and time, to sell a $100,000 property as it does a $1,000,000 property.  

We invented Our Real Estate Services, puts you in control of the process by allowing you to select only those services you want from an `a la carte menu of activities, and, pay a low hourly rate for the time it takes us to complete those activities for you. 

Our radically new, hourly-fee-for-service approach and rebate inducements have been recognized by the Dept. of Justice as a way sellers can save thousands in wasted commissions-helping them keep more of their money in their pocket where it belongs.  Are you ready to save thousands?


How Commission FREE Real Estate Services Saves Investor Sellers Thousands when Selling Rental Property!


Watch this short video to see how investor Sellers save thousands when they hire us to represent them in the sale of their residence in Western PA.  Then see how much larger your check could be at closing using our Investor Seller Savings Calculator (located just below the video).  Calculation does not include additional savings from our business approach to strategically writing contracts and masterfully negotiating throughout the transaction. 

For those that want to do some of the work themselves, or have a smaller budget, see our  Sell-it-Myself Investor Support Services and Customized Bundle of Investor Seller Services. 




MBG is Western PA's #1 Income Producing and Rental Property Experts

Over the past 20 years, we have become the #1 Income Producing/Rental Property Experts, and have helped investors find, analyze, buy and sell residential rental properties across the entire Western PA region.  Our work has helped investors realize they are NOT buying bricks and sticks, but cash flows and equity returns.   

With thousands on the table, successful investors hire us because we:

  • understand which financial performance factors are used by investors and their lender to make quick decisions- what they are and how to calculate them
  • use correct terms to efficiently communicate the benefits of the property 
  • know which documents investors, and their lenders will need to make decisions and hold off low-ball offers!  
  • invented and have run financial performance analysis on millions of local income producing properties- so we know our numbers and the market
  • save our investors thousands using Commission Free Real Estate Services
  • masterfully negotiate to our client's complete benefit throughout the transaction
  • we are connected to the local and national investment community 

Still not sure who to hire?  Download our FREE article: Seven Questions to Help You Find a Knowledgeable Agent



REIA Reports- the #1 Marketing Tool investors and lenders ask for when buying rental property

To sell your property for top dollar, the property will have to meet or exceed the investors buying criteria and the lender's lending criteria.  To help reduce the time to purchase, hold off low-ball offer, and maximize returns for our Seller clients, we developed the REIA Report (Real Estate Investment Analysis Report). 

One of the great benefits of the report, is that this report was NOT created by either the Seller or the Buyer (typically, buyers and sellers don't believe each other), but buy a highly reputable, independent, non-biased, at arms length 
third party.  

This inexpensive report is designed to help 

  • identify and attract qualified investors / buyers to your property
  • maximize returns by showing financial performance that defends the list price- holding off "low-ball" offers
  • reduce the investor sellers legal liability by disclosing "financial material facts"
  • sell the property faster by providing all the information needed for quick funding and buying decisions
  • market your property for results!  Attach the report to your multi-list listing, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

REIA Report Versions

We have developed many versions of REIA Report to meet the unique needs and situations that both investor sellers and investor buyers find themselves in.  When investing, at MBG we take a “business approach to the business of real estate” in everything we do- because in the end, it’s all about the numbers!  
Review the benefits of a REIA Report Investor, read about the other versions of the report, then call Max Business Group at 412-552-9811  to discuss your needs, get all your questions answered about the report, identify which report version might add the greatest value for you, what information will be required to run your report, and the cost for analysis.  All reports also come with a 30 minute review with Max. 



Next Steps to Saving Thousands!

Call Max Business Group at 412-552-9811  to

  • get all your questions answered about Our Real Estate Services

  • discuss your situation, vision for the future, your process goals, wants and needs, and the timeline for moving forward

  • schedule a private listing consultation with one of our experienced and trusted Partners

  • view answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

  • attend one of our FREE local educational presentations and receive a $500 Retainer Fee Waiver!




Save Thousands using our Commission FREE Real Estate Services

  • Buyers can receive cash back, tax-free rebates, after closing
  • Sellers can receive the largest proceeds check possible at closing
  • Investors can accelerate net worth growth year after year