Commitment to Ethical Practice


At the Max Business Group, we hold our professional relationships with you at the highest level of importance.  

To be clear about our intentions and our actions, we have provided below a list of behaviors that you will observe us engaging in that supports us working at a level of ethical practice well above that of other firms and their agents. 

When you hire specialists from Max Business Group Real Estate Services:

  • You will quickly realize we:
    • Are highly competent
    • Promote integrity
    • Uphold our professional responsibilities
    • Respect people’s rights and dignity
    • Treat all people and their holdings equally
    • Are "Servant Leaders"
    • Show concern for other's welfare
    • Are aware of our social responsibilities and
    • Put you first!
  • You will observe our ethical behavior in the ways we:
    • Interact with people
    • Strategically write contracts
    • Negotiation in your best interest throughout the transaction
    • Represent only you- Single Client Representation
    • Sell and charge for our services- our hourly fees save your thousands over % commission sales 
    • Resolve ethical issues, only to name a few.
  • You will experience our adherence to the following ethical principles and fiduciary duties throughout our relationship:
    • Loyalty
    • Obedience
    • Disclosure
    • Confidentiality
    • Reasonable Care and Diligence
    • Accounting
    • Informed Consent
    • Voluntary Participation
    • Intersubjective Verification- ask experts within and outside our team before taking action
    • Debriefing / Reflection / Action Planning 

  • You get Max Business Gropu personal guarantee for all services contracted for: 
  • At the Max Business Group, we proudly stand behind our work and guarantee all our products and services to meet or exceed your expectations. Before signing any contract to work together we promise to use clear and concise language to understand exactly:      
    a) what your wants and needs are
    b) what expectations we have for each other
    c) what our roles and responsibilities are
    d) what services you have selected and a timeline for the delivery of those services, and
    e) what our estimated or fixed fees for those services will be.  


    However, if at any time you are not 100% fully satisfied with our work, please call Max Business Gropu at 412-552-9811 immediately.  After discussing the situation together, and review of our projected process timeline and contract, we will come to agreement as to what actions must and will be taken by all parties to remedy the situation over the next 30 days.

    If after 30 days, the situation has not improved, we agree to dissolve our personal business relationship as soon all services that have already been rendered are paid for by final invoice-and that’s our promise to you! 



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